What is All on Four?

All on four dentures in Boyton Beach, Fl

All on four is a dental term as well as a treatment to restore the lost teeth permanently. Here the whole denture will be placed on the jaw with the support of four implants which gets permanently fixed. You may miss tooth for any reasons like an accident, injury while playing outdoor sports, gum disease, tooth decay, an age factor, not getting regular professional dental care, smoking/tobacco usage, diabetes, high/uncontrolled blood pressure or rheumatoid arthritis. You won't lose only a tooth, you also lose your smiles, confidence, speech ability, eating ability and the face structure too.

What is All-On-Four?

If a person loses any of his/her teeth, then it can be fixed by a single implant or any other restorative dental procedures. But if they lose all of their teeth then it as to be fixed or else it will be difficult for him to smile with confidence, chew food, speech. And also it affects bone loss which makes your face very shaggy and dropped and also it leads to several other serious problems. To avoid all these kinds of problems, missing teeth should be fixed at the earliest and if you choose to go for a permanent solution like fixed dentures or all on four implants or all on four implant dentures, then your choice is correct. If you go for a traditional denture, then there might be the chances of dentures coming out while playing, chewing hard food. To avoid all these anomalies it is better and highly advised and recommended to go for all on four dentures. And also it helps jaw bone getting a decline.

Dr. Nadel also offers locator snap-in system procedure to fix the missing teeth. This procedure is a cost-effective yet removable denture which is very easy to remove with a measurable degree.

Why All-on-Four at Comfort Care Dental?

Our implant dentist Dr. Steven Nadel is well known for his dedicated work in the field of dentistry and the quality of procedures having more than 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry. Propelled instruction and proceeding with the dental investigation, alongside his normal masterful abilities enables him to offer his patients an, in fact, predominant outcome and an unparalleled level of value mind. Since Dr. Nadel can give a more extensive scope of administrations than most dental specialists, because of his experience and preparing, costly referrals to masters are seldom required. All dental administrations required are given by Dr. Nadel in our office.

We do have an exciting offer on implants at just $1999 for the new patients those who are undergoing dental implant procedure and also a free consultation and x-ray. To know more about the offers and dental treatments make an appointment or call us at 561-732-8665

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