Dental Crown Vs Dental Bridge – Which One Is Better?

Dental Crowns Vs Bridges - Which Is Better? | Boynton Beach

A dental bridge is an effective option if you previously lost teeth due to tooth decay, oral trauma, or severe gum conditions. Dental Crowns can also effectively restore your natural smile. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 most popular cosmetic dentistry Services in Boynton Beach. Read on to know the difference between bridges and crowns.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are made with porcelain materials to give them a natural-looking finish so that they blend in with other teeth.

2 Reasons You Need Dental Bridges in Boynton Beach:

The dental bridges in Boynton Beach will be a valuable option for you only if you are suffering from the following oral conditions:

  1. Missing tooth

  2. In case of improper or uncomfortable dentures

How Can Dental Crowns in Boynton Beach Work?

Cosmetic dental crowns are the natural-tooth structure that completely covers a damaged tooth. Dental crowns in Boynton Beach can also improve your smile's appearance and the natural tooth's shape, form, or alignment. Usually, gold or alloy metal crowns are placed on the back teeth and are more substantial than porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns look more appealing and are generally placed at the front teeth.

5 Reasons Cosmetic Dentist in Boynton Beach Recommend Dental Crowns:

  1. Replacement of large filling where there isn't much available space for remaining tooth

  2. Prevent weak teeth from fracture

  3. While attaching a dental bridge

  4. While restoring a severely fractured tooth

  5. Covering a discoloured tooth and dental implant after a root canal procedure

Dental Bridge or Dental Crowns in Boynton Beach – Which One Is Better?

Suppose you have faced the above-mentioned oral conditions and are confused between these two procedures without delay. In that case, you must visit a restorative dentist for an expert opinion.

Who is the Best Boynton Beach Dentist?

If you suffer from missing, severely chipped, or broken teeth and want to fix your smile, a dental crown or bridge can quickly save your smile. You can achieve a healthier smile and oral health with proper Boynton Beach Dentist in Boynton Beach guidance.


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