Why are Dental Implants necessary?

Dental Implants Boyton Beach

Implant Dentistry is a system of restoring the missing tooth with an artificial tooth which looks as well as functions same like a natural tooth. A missing tooth can affect your daily routine. You may find difficulty in eating and speaking. The gaps between the teeth will let the nearby teeth to move towards the gap. This, in turn, creates orthodontic problems. Our Implant Dentist Dr. Steven Nadel says, filling the gap of missing tooth is very necessary as it will make you feel great and it will enhance the aesthetics of your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants are:

  • Improves oral health
  • Brings confidence back
  • Longlife solutions for missing tooth
  • Natural looking tooth
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Prevents Jaw bone loss

Dental Implants Procedure:

Dental Implants are surgically placed in the location of tooth loss. First, an incision is made in the gums and a small hole is created on the jaw to torque a titanium screw which is also called as Implant. Above that titanium screw, an abutment will be placed. On that abutment, a crown will be placed. Once the crown is placed, the restoration process of your missing tooth is complete and you will have a smile you always wanted. Your oral cavity will get back to normal functioning.

We are Here to Help

Dr. Steven Nadel, Implant Dentist at Comfort Care Dental in Boynton Beach, Florida performs dental implant surgery. To know more about the process, contact us at (561)-739-2420 or make an appointment to get your dream smile back.

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