Dental Tooth Colored Fillings in Boynton Beach Florida

A tooth which is decayed or damaged should be restored at the earliest in order to stop bacterial activity. Dental fillings are one of the first lines of defense against bacteria. The restoration material is carefully applied in the cavity after removal of decayed part of tooth. It is a general dental procedure performed in dental practices. At Comfort Dental Care, we perform thorough examination of teeth before recommending tooth restorations. If decay or tooth crack is identified during the course, it may be treated using appropriate restoration materials immediately. If you are looking for a dental office which offers a wide range of dental treatments in Boynton Beach, FL, then visit our practice. Our treatment can help you achieve a healthy smile.

Tooth decay and dental filling

Our natural tooth comprises of enamel, dentin and pulp. The outermost layer, enamel is one of the hardest substances in our body. Our oral cavity is home to millions of bacteria. When these bacteria feed on remains of food that get stuck between teeth, they produce acids that can erode the tooth to form caries. A cavity is formed in the tooth where bacteria can breed further. If left untreated the cavity in the tooth can grow bigger and weaken the tooth. Dentists recommend the restoration of tooth using dental filling to prevent the spreading of infection and to strengthen the tooth.

Dental filling – Types and application process

There are different types of materials used for dental filling. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Amalgam fillings, composite resin fillings, porcelain fillings and gold fillings are some of the types commonly used.

Composite resin fillings require small portion of the tooth to be removed and cause less tooth wear. They are also called tooth colored fillings since they can be custom made to match the natural color of teeth. They are a bio-compatible option. Our dentist recommends a particular type of filling to patients depending on the need. For tooth which takes higher biting load, gold fillings may be recommended since it does not wear easily.

The first step is to thoroughly examine the tooth using dental instruments and technologies. X-rays may be required if the cavity is not visible to naked eye or through other forms of examination. On confirmation of decay, our dentist removes the decayed part of tooth using dental drill or other instruments. Then the tooth is prepared to hold the dental filling. A liner may be used in the cavity before application of filling. The filling is applied finally and quickly hardened with the help of special light. On completion of the procedure, our dentist explains patients how to take care of the tooth and oral health.

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