Emergency Dental Care in Boynton Beach Florida

Dental emergencies are those conditions which are painful and can lead to permanent loss of soft or hard tissues of the oral cavity. If proper oral hygiene is maintained and safety measures are taken when involved in sports activities, such situations can be minimized. Patients have to be treated immediately when there is a dental emergency to prevent loss of valuable tissues, cure infection and stop it from reoccurring in future. Our team in Boynton Beach, FL is always prepared to treat patients during a dental emergency. We give priority to treat patients who are suffering from toothache or those who have a knocked out tooth. After treatment, we inform patients about how to take care of their oral health so that dental emergencies are kept low.

What are dental emergencies and how should a patient react when there is one?

Dental emergencies are those conditions which require immediate dental care. The condition may involve pain, bleeding and loss of soft or hard tissues of the oral cavity. In the absence of proper oral care, there may be long term consequences such as spreading of infection or permanent loss of tooth. Dental professionals treat patients to relieve them from pain and cure the infection or restore the tooth. It is important for patients to not panic during a dental emergency. Some home care tips for different dental emergencies which can help fight pain/stop bleeding before visiting our dental office during a dental emergency are provided below.


Toothache can be a result of tooth decay or a damaged tooth. Patients can firstly brush and floss and apply cold compress from outside the cheek if there is swelling. Over-the-counter pain medicine can help reduce pain. But when pain persists for more than a day, patients should immediately visit the dental office.

Broken filling

A dental filling that has fallen out can lead to pain and sensitivity. Patients can use over-the-counter dental cement or sugar free gums to temporarily fill the cavity. Dentists can restore the tooth with suitable materials and relieve patients from pain.

Fallen crown

A dental crown which has fallen out can be very painful. The tooth may have to be immediately treated. Patients can use clove oil to reduce sensitivity. One should try to put the crown back over the tooth. Dental professionals use appropriate adhesives to restore the crown back to its position.

Chipped/broken tooth

Chipped or broken tooth can be restored using appropriate restorative materials. If there is bleeding, patients can gently rinse their mouth using warm water and use gauze to stop bleeding. Any remaining pieces of tooth should be collected and the patient should rush to the dental office immediately.

Knocked out tooth

A tooth that is knocked out can be saved if it is taken to the dental office within an hour of the incident. Patients should gently hold the crown of the fallen tooth and wash off the dirt over it gently. The root of the tooth should not be disturbed. Patients can try and put the tooth back into the socket. If this doesn’t work, the tooth can be preserved in the vestibule or in a container of milk before visiting the dentist.

Wire sticking out of dental braces

Wire which is sticking out from dental braces can cause pain to inner cheeks and lips. Patients can use the eraser at the tip of the pencil to move the wire into a position where it is less painful. He/she should hurry to dental office in order to prevent further harm caused to soft tissues of oral cavity.

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