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A beautiful smile is an ornament everyone wants to own. It can boost your self-confidence and can be the reason for your happiness. A smile can be the first thing people notice when they meet you. To create a good first impression, the teeth should look the best. When there are minor imperfections in front teeth, the smile may turn out to be less pleasing. If you are unhappy with your smile, visit our dental office in Boynton Beach and speak to our dentist. Our cosmetic procedures can help you transform your smile.

Esthetics of smile – What matters the most?

There are several factors that can affect the esthetics of the smile. Dental professionals who are experienced in performing cosmetic procedures can identify the problematic factors and recommend solutions. The following factors of the front teeth play a key role in the smile.

  • Are the teeth discolored?
  • Are the teeth correctly shaped?
  • Are the teeth in proper alignment?
  • Are there gaps between teeth?
  • Visibility of gum-line

When the dentist identifies problems with even one of these factors, a suitable treatment plan is set and the smile is corrected.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are ultra-thin shells which are designed to reshape the front teeth. The shells which are bonded over the front teeth mask them and transform the smile. The best part of this treatment is that teeth require no preparation. Therefore no shots and no grinding of enamel layer. Dentists use their knowledge and experience to rightly design the smile and the Lumineers fabricated in the lab accordingly.

Lumineers – The smile makeover process

Our dentist performs thorough dental examination before recommending Lumineers as a cosmetic solution. Simple tooth errors can be masked with the help of ultra-thin shells. We take pictures of the teeth and discuss the treatment plan with patient. Impressions are taken to create a mould at our office. Necessary changes are made to the wax model and the final mould is sent to lab for fabrication process. During the second visit our dentist bonds the Lumineers over front teeth. Patients are informed about how to care for the teeth.

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