Periodontal Care in Boynton Beach Florida

Gums are one of the softest tissues of our body. The thin layer of these soft tissues helps in keeping the teeth in place and acts as a seal against bacteria which are capable of infecting the roots of the teeth. Any damage or threat to gum tissues directly affects oral health of the person. Our dentist recommends good hygiene practices and routine dental check ups to prevent periodontal diseases and enhance oral health. Visit our dental office in Boynton Beach, FL for a dental check up to know more about importance of periodontal health. Our comprehensive dental care can help you improve your oral health and prevent dental infection.

What is periodontal disease and why is periodontal care essential?

The gums, the alveolar bone, the periodontal ligament and cementum form the periodontium. Gums play a vital role of protecting the root of the teeth from bacteria. Proper oral care is absolutely necessary to safeguard these soft tissues. When oral hygiene is not maintained, there can be plaque buildup over tooth surface. Plaque when not removed from time-to-time, can transform into hard tarter. The tarter that collects around the soft gum tissues enters into sulcus area which is in between the gums and the teeth surface. This can lead to infection of gum tissues. The gums can redden and become tender. This disease is called gingivitis.

When not treated, gingivitis can convert into periodontitis, an advanced disease where the infection has proceeded to detach the bond between gum tissues and teeth surface. This disease can cause loosening of teeth and lead to tooth loss. Periodontal care is necessary to cure infection and prevent it from reoccurring.

What are the techniques followed in periodontal care?

Infection of gum tissues can be identified through various gingival examination methods. Softening and reddening of gums, foul smell, thickening of gums and bleeding when brushing teeth are some common symptoms patients may notice when there is gum disease. Our dentist uses a periodontal probe to check the depth of gum pockets. After making a note of signs and symptoms, our dentist sets a treatment plan based on the severity of gingival infection.

Scaling and root planning is one of the techniques used to clear tarter from teeth surface. Our dental team thoroughly scrapes the tarter from teeth surface using scaling instrument. Ultrasonic equipment may be used to clear tarter through vibrations. Root planning is done to clean the root of the tooth. Appropriate instruments are used to clear bacteria from root surface.

Anti-bacterial agents may be used to irrigate the pockets. Based on the severity of the gum disease, our dentist recommends follow up visits to ensure that the infection does not reoccur.

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