Weighing up Filling, Inlay, Onlay, Crown, and Bridges

Weighing up Filling, Inlay, Crown, & Bridges | Boynton Beach

There can be several dental issues that may require the patient to go for different dental treatments. In some cases, the patient may need dental filling treatment in Boynton Beach, while for some, bridges may be the best course of action. It is prudent to visit Dr. Steven Nadel, an eminent dentist at Comfort Care Dental, and find out more about which dental treatment is appropriate for you. The dentist will also help you understand the difference between inlays, onlays, bridges, crowns, fillings, etc. so that you get the most suitable treatment for your dental issues.

Choosing Among The Different Restorations:

Knowing about different dental restorations gives the patients a fair idea about which treatment would serve them with the best results. Let us find out more about these options:

  1. The Filling:

    It is one of the most common and popularly used dental restorations. In this treatment option, the decayed and damaged part is drilled out, and an amalgam or composite filling material is filled in.

  2. The Inlay:

    The dentists use the dental inlays in Boynton Beach treatment when the cavity is not large and simple filling is not enough to fill it. Dentists create this inlay to fill the cavity as a single solid piece and cements it on the tooth.

  3. The Onlay:

    The dental onlay in Boynton Beach treatment is used when the inlay is not sufficient and crown treatment is more than enough. Onlay lies between these two treatment options, covering the tooth cusp and is fabricated as single.

  4. The Crown:

    Another available dental treatment is the dental crowns in Boynton Beach. Instead of repairing a damaged tooth, it is a replacement of the same. It is used by dentists when a patient is suffering from serious dental ailments. The treated tooth has a cap placed on it once the decay is removed.

  5. The Implant:

    When looking for a durable restoration treatment, the dentists advise the patients to go for dental implant treatment in Boynton Beach. It is a very durable treatment that replaces the damaged or broken tooth.

Which Dental Restoration Treatment is The Best?

Inlay and fillings are treatment options for bigger cavities. These treatments help in removing existing decay and fill the hollow cavity using composite materials. The dental bridges in Boynton Beach are another option used by dentists when they have lost more than one tooth.


Dr. Steven Nadel, at Comfort Care Dental provide dental crowns in Boynton Beach, and it is the finest dental care when it comes to all the above services. For more information call us at (561) 732-8665 and schedule an appointment today.

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