When to visit your general dentist?

Regular dental visit in Boyton Beach

You are advised to make a visit to your dentist at least once in six months; your teammate goes more than three times a year and your best friend goes hardly once in a year. So what is the best practice to visit the dentist and how often we need to we should visit?

Dr. Steven Nadel, a dentist at Comfort Care Dental in Boynton Beach Florida says it is recommended to visit a dentist at least twice in a year or it can be decided by the dentist when the patient needs to make his/her next visit. If a patient is suffering from any periodontal problems like gum disease or oral issues then they are supposed to keeps visiting the three to four times a year.

The regular visit to a dentist for cleaning will help in removing the built-up plaque which will be under control with regular brushing and flossing. This plaque boosts the growth of toxic bacteria that cause the periodontal diseases which infect the tissues of the gums, in turn, loosen the teeth and may be at the risk of falling out. People who are addicted to smoking, alcohol, tobacco, systemic diseases which includes diabetes, pregnancy and other use of oral contraceptive can all increase the risk of gum diseases. If you counter any chance of gum bleeding while brushing your teeth, tender gums, swollen or red gums then without any second thought meet our dentist for the early stage of care.

Even though you take a good care of your teeth regular brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, still you need to make a visit to a dentist regularly. A dentist can check and go beyond to check the complete health of the teeth which you are not able to see. There are many dental problems won't be visible or felt until it goes into its advanced stage or gets worse. Few examples include gum diseases, cavities, and oral cancer. All these symptoms can be identified only by a dentist at the early stages and it will be easy to diagnose in the earlier stages.

The calendar for any individual will gets change during their lifetime because of their stress or illness. But it is highly recommended to see a dentist during your illness as a dentist will help you in preventing temporary infection and to treat any changes in your mouth.

It is better to make a biannually visit to your dentist to keep your teeth healthy. Make an appointment with our dentist Dr. Steven Nadel, a well-known dentist in the community of Boynton Beach, Florida and the surrounding cities.

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