What is general dentistry?

Regular general dental visit in Boyton Beach, Fl

Our oral health is of paramount importance in healthy living. Maintaining good oral hygiene, sticking to a healthy diet and routine dental checkup are necessary to see that the gums and teeth are safe, protected and in great shape. A person can maintain all teeth for a lifetime if he takes good care of them. General dental care is that area of dental medicine which is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of basic oral health problems. A general dentist aims to prevent dental problems through early intervention. At Comfort Care Dental Boynton Beach, Fl, we welcome patients of all age groups to become a part of our dental health community. Dr. Steven H Nadel is an experienced general dentist based in Florida and treats patients of all age groups. Call us to make an appointment and meet our general dentist in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Routine Dental Care

American Dental Association suggests that a person should visit a dentist at least twice in a year to stay protected from infection and other dental problems. During this routine dental visit, we check for signs of decay, misalignment, periodontal disease and oral cancer. We take early steps to prevent these problems. We also alert patients about any bad practices that can be affecting their oral health.

Professional dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is done to clear plaque and hardened tarter from the oral cavity. Hard substances like tarter may not go away through brushing and flossing habits. Professional dental cleaning reduces the risk of tooth and gum infection and offers better protection to teeth. Fluoride application and application of sealants may also be included with this process to help prevent tooth decay.

Tooth decay

During the routine dental check-up, our general dentist, Dr. Nadel checks for any signs of tooth decay. First, a naked eye check is conducted. Sometimes a dental explorer may be used to identify tooth decay. In other cases, where the decay may be within the tooth or in between teeth, X-rays may be required in some cases. On identification, the general dentist removes decayed part of the tooth using suitable instruments and restores it.

Restorative Dental Care

Restorative dental care is that part of dental medicine where the treatment involves restoring a decayed or damaged tooth back to its shape and functionality. Dental restorations are necessary to prevent further damage to the tooth and to aid the biting and chewing.

Dental sealants

Dental sealants are mostly used to restore molar teeth. The surface of these teeth has pits that can accumulate plaque which can lead to tooth decay. Our general dentist use sealants to protect kids’ teeth from infection. The restoration covers the biting surface and acts as a shield.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are restorative material that is used to provide physical support to the weak tooth and protect it from damage and infection. The decayed portion of the tooth is firstly removed and the fillings are placed after the tooth is prepared. Depending on the tooth that is being restored and based on the need of the patient, there are a number of different types of fillings available.

It is very important to take a dentists suggestions and tips to maintain a good dental health as well as to keep it healthy. A routine dental checkup and regular dental visit at least once in 6 months will help the dentist to diagnose your dental health and can screen for any chances of oral cancer. Tooth decay can affect any age group people at any time. To prevent the teeth from getting decayed, it is better to shield it with a sealant product which protects the teeth from getting decay and germs attack. If there are any gaps/pits or holes formed due to decay, then those gaps or holes should be filled with dental filling material at the earlier stages to barricade them from making worse. To keep yourself healthy and to have a healthy mouth visit our general dentist Dr. Steven Nadel at comfort care dental or call us at (561) 732-8665

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