All On Four treatment in Boynton Beach

All on Four Dentures Boynton Beach

In a normal dentition, the teeth are supported by the underlying bone, but when wearing a denture to replace missing teeth, it rests on the gum tissue and can cause pain and resorption of bone.

“All on 4” is a concept that has been developed to replace a failing dentition or to replace an inadequate denture that someone had been wearing. A full denture, especially the lower, can tend to move and slide around while eating and cause a lot of embarrassment. It also puts a lot of pressure on the gum tissue, causing a lot of pain or discomfort.

When an implant fixture is attached to a set of 4 implants, it is secure and won’t move around at all and it is supported by the implants as well so that it is not resting on the delicate gum tissue.

Another great advantage of the “All on 4” concept is that we can place your temporary teeth in your mouth immediately on the day of surgery so you can walk in with teeth and walk out with better teeth. This is the absolute best form of tooth replacement known to the dental profession today.

Modern implants have a very high rate of success and you can expect long term results from your implants and fixture. Call us now for a free consultation and we can determine if you are a candidate for this life-changing treatment and give you an estimate of the cost.



Another treatment option that we offer is the ATLANTIS Conus system by Dentsply. This is a more cost effective solution for patients who desire the comfort of a fixed, screwed-in restoration, but at a more affordable price.

This solution provides a stable prosthesis that is easy to keep clean, gets rid of the palate part of a full upper denture and is comfortable at the same time as being cost effective. It is removable, but only with a fair degree of pull.

Otherwise, the final result is indistinguishable from its more expensive screw-in cousin. For more information and a free consult, please call our office and make an appointment. We will be happy to assist you.

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